Cleansing Face Gel

For gently and deeply cleansed skin

“So this is what I look like! Hi, reflection!” – with our Cleansing Face Gel, we want to show you that you are beautiful! Take a close look! It cleanses gently, reduces impurities or even prevents them. Most importantly: it does not dry out your skin.

  • without von mineral oil components, silicones und PEGs
  • vegan
  • certified natural cosmetics
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120 ml
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Dear Expecting Mum,
Maybe you’re not sleeping well at the moment. You’re dreaming a lot and about very odd things. On top of that, you probably have to use the loo several times a night because your baby is putting more and more pressure on your bladder. When you look at yourself in the mirror in the morning, you might think, “Oh no, who is this person?” Maybe you look a bit swollen and tired, which doesn’t do anything to make you feel better. What you were able to spell off with a cup of coffee in the past, you can now try with our Cleansing Gel, which contains green tea.
To remove the gel, take cold water and press your flannel for two to three minutes on your lower eyelids. Afterwards, apply the Aloe Vera Sensitive Moisturizing Concentrate from Charlotte Meentzen. It gives you a kick of total freshness. You should use the Cleansing Gel every evening to free up your face from daily dirt. With a light night cream, you can end your day before going to bed. Sweet dreams!

Your Kerstin


My midwife tip: Thoroughly cleanse your face and list at least five beautiful things about yourself at the same time, instead of letting a few spots take all your excitement away.

Because happiness should preferably radiate from every pore.

by Charlotte Meentzen


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