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With Kerstin Lüking and Sonja Rakow

Enjoy entertaining prenatal sessions with two absolute experts. You’ll learn breathing methods, get solid tips and valuable information centred round giving birth. For our 30-minute prenatal session, I met up with pelvic diaphragm trainer, physical therapist and yogini Sonja Rakow from FamilyFit. Sonja is an absolute expert and has already supported my mothers with her pregnancy yoga course.

Together, we’ve thrown all our years-long knowledge into a pot and what came out is small exercises on the topics of the pelvic diaphragm, breathing during birth and anatomical basics about the process of giving birth. With compassion, we explain why the expansion of our pelvis is important during pregnancy and why there is a connection from our mouth to our cervix. What does breathing during birth do to us, and do we really have to practice making sounds? Don’t worry – it’s not embarrassing. We make prenatal practicing practical, entertaining and without any blah blah blah. And to be honest: we have lots of fun making these videos and look forward to the start of our prenatal and pelvis series on tuju.care.  

We truly hope that we can capture your attention and amaze you!

My 5 tips to prepare you for giving birth

1) Did you know that you can roll out a “red carpet” for your baby? Linseed oil influences the secretory glands of your vagina. This enables you to make a small contribution to ensuring your baby has a good journey into the world. Simply eat a tablespoon of the oil a day. The good side effect is that linseed oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which is an excellent alternative for people who don’t want to eat fish. What’s more, linseed oil reduces the high values of your blood sugar after having a meal, which is particularly important for diabetics.

Compression stockings?! Unsexy, but absolutely effective!

2) Did you know that wearing compression stockings influences your feeling of nausea during your pregnancy? Studies have shown that about 31% of pregnant women profit from a reduction in symptoms when they frequently wear compression stockings. The improvement in the circulation of blood seems to have a positive effect. (Source: Mendoza E., Amsler F. Randomisierte, “Cross-Over-Studie zur Wirkung von medizinischen Kompressionsstrümpfen auf Übelkeit und Erbrechen sowie Abgeschlagenheit in der Frühschwangerschaft”. Vasomed. 2017; 29: 142–143)

3) Did you know that your mouth and your cervix are connected? When you have the courage to breathe in through your nose during contractions and then breathe out of your mouth while producing a loud AAAAAA sound, you’ll achieve your goal – namely, giving birth to your baby – faster.

Family allowance, parent’s money and similar – remember to prepare the applications for these during your pregnancy.

4) Did you know that applications such as for family allowance and parent’s money are available on the Internet for downloading and you can get advice from charity organizations? Take time filling everything in during your pregnancy and getting all the paperwork together. This way, they are ready for sending off after you’ve given birth and have your baby’s birth certificate in your hand. Our experience has been that parents don’t have the time or the energy to fill in the applications once their little one has been born, as their hands are then full and their attention centred on their baby. So: start in good time and then relax later on.

5) Have you already thought about how you will spend your time during your maternity leave? Write up a list in advance of the little things that you absolutely want to take care of in the weeks prior to birth. This not only includes filling in applications, but also packing your hospital bag, preparing for your baby, going on a short holiday and cooking meals to freeze. Stay tuned for more concrete information about this from us!

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My personal tip

Maybe you’ve already watched the film on preparing for giving birth and have heard from us that we recommend sports activities during pregnancy – as long as your body allows. After sports or yoga, simply try our Relaxation Shower Cream, followed by a skin pampering programme from our Feel-good Body Lotion. Put your favourite music on in the bathroom to get in a good mood and your body up and going.
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