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TUJU is this sustainable!

TUJU – because we love imperfection
Nature is not perfect. It’s beautiful, but it has some rough edges. A cucumber can be rounded, a melon can be overly large, and the forest sometimes looks wonderfully wild even when lots of the same kinds of tree grow there. What are we trying to get at? That being imperfect is quite perfect. And this philosophy of nature is what inspired us for our eleven TUJU products.

What does sustainability mean for TUJU?
TUJU consists of eleven products from nature which have all been certified according to the NATRUE natural cosmetics label. This means that all raw materials come from nature and are biodegradable. Many active ingredients are even from monitored organic agriculture. What’s more, they have been dermatologically tested at the university clinic in Dresden and produced in Germany.

We prefer to use recycled materials. Our outer packaging is made from 100 per cent recycled paper, our labels and our PET bottle from 100 per cent recycled material – along with our labels, which are also removable. The product bottles are made of glass or 100 per cent recycled materials (without the closure and label), while the dispensers are made of 85 per cent recycled material. And our PE labels are made of 100 per cent recycled material, which is clearly noticeably by the small bumps (dips) in the label. We simply want to also make sustainability a haptic sensation. Climate protection should feel good on a whole.

It is also important to us that the transport distances remain short, which is why we focus on regional suppliers as far as possible. This means that a large share of our materials truly comes from Germany. By the way, all TUJU products are made at our manufacturing facility in Dresden.

Our mission: to continue to work on the issue of sustainability. Because nature is dear to our heart. And we would like to bring it into your family. For you. TUJU!


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