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Baby’s first bath – how exciting! My top tips for you

The little things in life can mean so much. After all, it is often the case that we can remember this experience for a long time and twist it a bit over the years. Even when we see the photos many years later, we feel happiness. “Oh, look at what big feet you had as a baby!”, “You always fell asleep fast the moment we rocked you in warm water”, or “Well, you’re a true water rat today!”

To ensure bathing your baby is as comfortable as possible for everyone, you have to prepare a few things in advance.

9 midwife tips for a relaxing baby bath
1)  Your baby likes to be warm. So ensure there is no draft and that the room is nice and warm where the bath is taking place.
2) The bath water should be 37°C. You can measure it using a thermometer if you’re not sure. Fill the bath with a bit more water so that your baby’s body can be fully immerged and won’t cool so quickly.
3) Pay attention to a good working height. Baths with an integrated drain ensure you don’t have to carry heavy masses of water. It’s easier to bathe your baby when you wear a T-shirt. Long sleeves are impractical, as they will get wet.

Be sure to watch out for your back!
4) A baby bath in your own big bath is not advisable, as you have to take a very unphysiological position, which is not good for your back. Especially after a C-section, you have to pay attention that you do not overly use your stomach muscles. This can indeed happen during such easy things as giving baby a bath.
5) Should you notice that your baby is suffering from dry skin, use our moisturizing Emollient Bath Oil. It’s good for your baby’s skin without overdoing it. After the bath, you don’t have to apply cream or oil, as the bath oil has already taken over this task.

Organization before baby’s first bath is everything

6) Set up everything you need for your baby’s bath beforehand: a towel, nappy, clothing, hat and a cosy baby blanket.
7) After the bath, babies are usually hungry. So set up your spot for nursing or feeding. Keep in mind that you also need to think of yourself and have a beverage ready for you.
8) Enjoy the time after the bath with your baby, for example by going to bed together and cuddling.
9) If you want to go for a walk with your baby, you should wait about one and a half hours after bathing.

My recommendation: bathe your baby twice a week. Of course, you can bathe more often and in this case, be sure you use moisturizing skincare.


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