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Parent talk with bestselling author Nicola Schmidt With Nicola Schmidt and Dorothee Dahinden

We don’t have to prove ourselves as pregnant women – an appeal from Nicola Schmidt
She is clear, direct, to the point – her words mean something. They make us think on a deeper level and also touch us deeply. In our 18-minute power talk with Nicola Schmidt, she shows us how we can focus on ourselves and our family in these times of being constantly reachable and rapid change. How we can live up our values. How we can take care of ourselves – starting when pregnant.

What the talk with Nicola Schmidt is about

How can I create a true community? How can I manage to live without being constantly stressed on a negative level? How can we experience pregnancy in an “appropriate” way? Or: what does “appropriate” even mean? All these questions and more are discussed our 18-minute power talk via Zoom. Nicola’s message to all pregnant women: “You don’t have to prove anything to anyone.” The mother of two and entrepreneur calls out to all pregnant women: “We don’t have to do everything that everyone else does during our pregnancy!” Nicola explains how we get to this point. She gives us tips on how we can step on the brakes, be mindful of ourselves and yet happy at the same time. In short: “merciless slowing down” and “your inner voice”.

About 500,000 books sold – Nicola Schmidt is firmly established
What’s more, Nicola Schmidt goes out into the German “wild” every year with parents. She and her team from the company artgerecht organize real family camps where families experience what it means to live in a true village. Like in the past, when the burden of having a family did not only rest on the shoulders of one or both parents alone. As a scientific journalist, Nicola Schmidt is interested in the facts – and brings them to the table during her work. Her ten books have been sold around 500,000 times today. She shares her knowledge in seminars, during talks and at workshops.

artgerecht is a well-known name among German parents. Nicola Schmidt is firmly established when it comes to the needs-centric raising of children. Family life on a level playing field, with lots of love, respect and care – this is what Nicola fights for with her work. And she simply does it extremely well.

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