Eleven new products – we’re celebrating a birthday! With Kerstin Lüking

We’re extremely happy to have given birth to our 11 new products – after all, they didn’t take the standard 40 weeks but a whole three years!

This time was needed – we naturally wanted to turn our idea into a reality to the very best of our ability. The manufacturing process, testing procedures, packaging and product design, marketing, sales … everything that needs lots of time, brain power and energy to ensure that products can be created which we can send out into the world with love and full of passion.

They’re now here, regularly plopping off of the conveyor belt and giving new life to lots of people.

The warmed towel is, in our case, sustainable packaging which is 100% recyclable. Because this is important to us too. We would like to make a contribution to sustainability with our products – so that our children can grow up in a world worth living in. We know that we are just one small building block in the process. But we, too, have to start living sustainability.

Care and mindfulness for your own body is just as important to us. You namely care about how your baby is born – and at the same time what you moisturize your own skin and your baby’s skin with.

Lots of substances enter the blood stream through the skin and can cause harm to a degree that many of us are not even aware of. Which is why all of our NATRUE products are certified. We have largely avoided the use of essential oils which could irritate little baby noses. Instead, we have focused on caring aspects: nourishing sore areas of the skin, giving sophisticated skin the attention it needs, and fine-tuning the mindful treatment of our own body. This is important to us – this is our message.  

We’re proud of tuju.care: our line of caring products for mums and children – for a special time for very special people.

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